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Thank you for coming to my rescue and catering my last minute event this weekend. I was so thrilled to be able to provide people with high quality food that I could afford.

-Erin, Loveland

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Beach Party

When I saw these plates in the Oriental Trading catalog, it made me think how lovely they would look with a nice pile of barbecued pork on top and a beer beside them.  Then, who’d care if there was any sand around?

For the really creative, attach an invitation to the fan and mail them in big envelopes.

Sand And Sun Fans

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Is it wrong to love a tablecloth?

Sometimes I see something so brilliant I wish I’d thought of it myself (and reaped the imagined pile of money that certainly must come from the idea.  Thus, I introduce you to this durable plastic table cover that fits tables like a bed sheet.



Never again will you have to struggle with taping plastic to tables.  We stock these in a variety of colors.  Just tell us your table size and color preference and we’ll add them to your catering order for a very reasonable cost.

Barbeque Ideas (Go Ahead and Steal ‘Em)

Throwing the biggest, best barbecue that your co-workers, friends and family have ever seen doesn’t take much work, just a little creative planning.  First, order Albert Pit Barbecue’s Honest-to-Goodness Real Barbecue.  Second, use the following ideas to create a fun, casual atmosphere.

A creative invitation heightens everyone’s excitement about the party.

Try writing the party details on disposable plastic bibs or aprons. Tie them up with ribbon for a fun look.

If you could hand-deliver barbecue sauce bottles to all your invitees, why not make a label with party details and stick them on the bottle. Imaging how much fun it would be to get such an invitation in your in-box at work. Albert Pit Barbecue can arrange label-free bottles of our sweet, Kansas City style barbecue sauce for you to use.

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What picnic is complete without ants?

Why not order a bunch of plastic ants (available online at and spread them around the tables as confetti, freeze them in your ice cube trays, and slip one in the invitation envelope. In fact, put them everywhere, including on the mirror in your guest bathroom! If you are planning the party at work, add to your co-workers suspense by marching your ants around the workplace a few days before the invitations arrive…put a line of them across the time clock…add a few to the lunch room table…glue ants on pencils and put one on everyone’s workspace.

A western theme can make for a great barbecue.

Wrap your invitation up in a bandanna. Use bandannas as napkins. Give every guest a cowboy hat—if you put their names on the brim it makes a great replacement for name tags. You could even put the hats on the tables as place cards.  See our bandanna wrapped box lunches.

Don’t forget some festive centerpieces.

For an outdoor party, set a kid’s pail in the middle of the table, tie on some balloons, and fill it with party cameras, fun-shaped sunglasses, sunscreen and bug repellent.

Albert Pit Barbecue is here to help make your party a smashing success! Let’s do it together!