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Just wanted to let you know the barbecue (for our wedding) was wonderful! Very tasty, right on time, and just enough leftovers for us to enjoy the next day!

-Ginny J., Fort Collins

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Graduation Party Catering 2012–Year of the Chalkboard

Moms, if you have a child graduating this year and you are as taken with the new chalkboard paint as I am, I envy you.  For you could have a chalkboard themed graduation party.  I was at the Poudre School District Technology Center in north Fort Collins this past week where they do the training for the new Smart Board technology.  It turns out not one of my kids has a chalk board in their elementary school classrooms.  My kids will grow up not knowing what a chalk board is (which, by the way, seems to me like a gaping hole in our educational system).  They’ll imagine the only thing one can do with chalk is drag it behind the wagon to make really long lines in the street.

Ladies, I’m telling you.   If your beloved graduate remembers chalk boards you will be the last of the long line of moms who know that chalkboards make a great graduation theme  Just look at what you can have that I never will:  a chalkboard table runner, chalkboard invitations, chalkboard football field, and a chalkboard menu outlining the great bbq meal you’ve planned.

Speaking of BBQ, you should know that we typically “sell-out” during graduation weekends and so you should place your order now.  We can prepare just the meat or the entire menu.  Prices range from $2.50 per guest to $15.00 per guest.  See our BBQ menu here.


Graduation Party–The Lobo Way

The Senior Class at Rocky Mountain High School has chosen our Honest-to-Goodness Real Barbecue for their senior picnic.  It will be our pleasure to be led in our old age by kids with enough good sense to choose slow cooked BBQ over hot dogs (and still get their administrators to serve and wait on them that day.)  See the world is in good hands!



Is it wrong to love a tablecloth?

Sometimes I see something so brilliant I wish I’d thought of it myself (and reaped the imagined pile of money that certainly must come from the idea.  Thus, I introduce you to this durable plastic table cover that fits tables like a bed sheet.



Never again will you have to struggle with taping plastic to tables.  We stock these in a variety of colors.  Just tell us your table size and color preference and we’ll add them to your catering order for a very reasonable cost.

End of School Year Party Teachers Salad Potluck

School Office Managers and PTOs:

Why make your hardworking teachers eat cardboard flavored pizza at the end of the year party again this year when you could order barbecue and a salad for about $3.00 per guest?

I know it sounds improbable, but you could recreate one of the best ladies luncheons I’ve ever been to for your school’s staff for under $3.00 per person.  Here is how it works.

Call Korey a week or so before your event at 970-213-7427 and tell him you want to order a big bowl of lettuce and some smoked chicken from our bulk menu and that you only want to pay $3.00 a person.  Korey will set to work smoking whole chickens over hickory wood and then pulling it by hand so that only the best bits make it into your meal.  Then, he’ll do all the work of washing the lettuce.  (Do you hate that kitchen task as much as I do?  That’s why I’d recommend letting Korey do it.)  He’ll deliver the food directly to your school.  So that is the first step, order the smoked meat and salad.  Now here is the second step…

Ask Parents or Guests to Bring A Salad Topping

Second, ask your parents or staff members to contribute a salad topping or dressing.  With this plan it is easy for everyone to bring something.

Third, get some big bowls (either disposable or not).  Get enough bowls not only for the guests, but also to pour all the donated salad toppings in for table display.  While you are finding the bowls, find some forks, napkins and cups.  (You might be able to scrounge these from teacher snack areas if necessary.) You’ll also want to buy a bag of ice, find a pitcher and a lemon (or cucumber–your teachers will love cucumber water.)

On the day of your event, watch for Albert Pit Barbecue to deliver your big bowl of salad and smoked chicken.  Fill the pitchers with water and add the sliced lemon or cucumbers.  Set out the bowls and utensils. Then enjoy the ease of the simplest (and most creative) potluck you’ve ever organized.

We love taking care of teachers in Poudre, Thompson and Weld County area school districts.

Albert Pit Barbecue has done all the planning, all the cooking, and since everything is disposable/recyclable it is super easy for you. Call 970-213-7427 to order your end of the year teacher party.