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Thank you for your generous donation. The BBQ and Silent Auction was an incredible gift to our youth. Your contribution will help feed the hungry in Alamosa, care for the poor in Mexico and give us an experience of serving a world in need of love.

-Heart of the Rockies Christian Church, Fort Collins

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Graduation Party Catering 2012–Year of the Chalkboard

Moms, if you have a child graduating this year and you are as taken with the new chalkboard paint as I am, I envy you.  For you could have a chalkboard themed graduation party.  I was at the Poudre School District Technology Center in north Fort Collins this past week where they do the training for the new Smart Board technology.  It turns out not one of my kids has a chalk board in their elementary school classrooms.  My kids will grow up not knowing what a chalk board is (which, by the way, seems to me like a gaping hole in our educational system).  They’ll imagine the only thing one can do with chalk is drag it behind the wagon to make really long lines in the street.

Ladies, I’m telling you.   If your beloved graduate remembers chalk boards you will be the last of the long line of moms who know that chalkboards make a great graduation theme  Just look at what you can have that I never will:  a chalkboard table runner, chalkboard invitations, chalkboard football field, and a chalkboard menu outlining the great bbq meal you’ve planned.

Speaking of BBQ, you should know that we typically “sell-out” during graduation weekends and so you should place your order now.  We can prepare just the meat or the entire menu.  Prices range from $2.50 per guest to $15.00 per guest.  See our BBQ menu here.


Graduation Party–The Lobo Way

The Senior Class at Rocky Mountain High School has chosen our Honest-to-Goodness Real Barbecue for their senior picnic.  It will be our pleasure to be led in our old age by kids with enough good sense to choose slow cooked BBQ over hot dogs (and still get their administrators to serve and wait on them that day.)  See the world is in good hands!



Mom, Enjoy the Graduation Party and Stay Out of the Kitchen

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When our oldest and only school-age daughter gets home from school she has the same ritual…she drops her backpack in the middle of the floor where everyone will trip over it for the next two hours (and literally just inches away from the hook where it should be hung), and then she heads into the kitchen. And, guess what? I am always in the kitchen when she gets home, it fact I spend most of my day there while Korey is off smoking the barbecue. It just feels like home base to me and I bet it it where it is the room where most moms spend most of their “at-home” time.

At Albert Pit Barbecue we love that women and men are cooking for their families but we want to make one change to the way things are in the world. And that is that when Northern Colorado Moms have kids graduate we want them to take that one day off from being in the kitchen and fully attend the celebration of their family’s accomplishment…by having their graduation celebration catered.

Mom, it really is OK to spend a little money and have your event catered.

You’ve done all that work getting the house and the yard ready, found the pictures for the senior posters, invited the relatives, and fund something for everyone to wear. Not to mention being one of the first, if not the first, person to love the graduate, the child’s first teacher, the child’s primary care-giver…it really is OK to order in some barbecue. You don’t want to miss overhearing all the great things people are going to say about your above-average child. You don’t want to miss all the hugs. And most of all when people ask you what you are going to do now that your child has graduated you don’t want the answer to be “do the dishes.”


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One Call to Get Everything You Need for Your BBQ

Now here is what to do. Open this Graduation BBQ Catering Guide and order the Heaven on a Bun Sandwich Buffet. It includes Pork Sandwiches, two side dishes, sauce, buns, plates,napkins…everything you need for a great meal for $8.99 per person. For a buck more we’ll bring gallons of iced tea, lemonade and cups.

Meat by the Pound for the D-I-Y Mom, well under $3/guest

Or, if you are having an open house and you’ve got a sister or friend bringing some salads, order Bulk Meat Straight from the Pit. A pound makes four meal-sized sandwiches for between $2.65 and $3 per person…but you can make it go farther if you get some mini-sandwich buns. We can smoke the meat and you can pick it up hot or cold for less than two bucks per guest if you go the mini sandwich route. (But if your smart you’ll order extra with the intention of freezing the leftovers.)

Book Early ‘Cause Our Calendar Fills Up

We typically completely fill our catering calendar for graduation weekends! We’d love to add you to our calendar now!
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Cutest Cupcakes for Catered Graduations

Isn’t it disappointing when you see a cupcake that is so lovely looking that it is irresistible but when you take a bite it has all the flavor of…of…well, of nothing.

Big box stores should not be able to get away with selling those things!  Last year I noticed a lot of just those very cupcakes on the graduation buffet tables. People had dared to put them right beside the delicious barbecue we had worked hours to prepare.  Shocking!

So this year, we’ve taken matters into our own hands.

I think the formal black and white will look great against your school-colored tablecloth.  I can make them in a school color, too.

$30 dozen

$16.50 half dozen

Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon

Book your graduation party today at 970-213-7427.  We are delivering most orders for free in Fort Collins.  We usually fully book graduation weekends and we want to be sure to get your event in early.